Apex is shutting down

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Apex is shutting down

Postby Peg_Leg_John » Fri Jun 12, 2020 7:44 pm

Hello Apex,

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the closing of Apex.

We started Apex in July of 2015 with Hawk (guildmaster), John (officer) and Sacred (veteran) during a boom time on Book of Heroes. Sadly, Hawk and Sacred left for personal reasons leaving just Johnny’s the new Guildmaster. Fortunately during this time SissyKat joined and has been here ever since. Around this time Glenda started playing and also joined. This has been the core of Apex ever since!

We’ve had various ups and downs over the years, but we really took off when Ocar joined our merry band and helped push us to end game status, and saved our floundering guild in the process! (Thanks Ocar!) Ocar and Glendas became Co-GMs after John stepped down and we started kicking butt!

Things were going well, we were climbing the leader board, and then Venan imploded! )-: Lord Venan came back with the promise of an update, that sadly has not (and probably won’t) happened. Then we lost the Werechef event and finally the Lucky event. Along the way players got bored and frustrated and quit the game and moved on. Book of Heroes is a shell of what it was.

Lately, the raids have been struggling as we lose more and more players. We’ve been throwing fewer and fewer raids as BoH has seemed more like a chore than fun. And this bring us to where we are now.

We have made lots of friends along the way! We have had amazing amounts of fun and generally had a blast!

A big thanks to SissyKat, who has been one of our more loyal members and a great friend! (That won’t change btw) Thanks to Morblud, who just joined up one day and set up bar and never left! Thanks to Boney, who we stole from OP40 and never looked back! There are just too many names. )-: We appreciate each and everyone of you who has made Apex a success! We would also like to thank all the mercs who stopped by to help on a regular basis. Lots of friends from them too! Book of Heroes is a great community! We will miss you all and hope you will keep in touch via the Line app! Just pop in every now and again and say hello!

Thank you all and good luck! Stay well!
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Re: Apex is shutting down

Postby Bbbb » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:04 pm

If you thought 2015 was a boom, you should have been around for 2013.

Didn't know the Lucky event got canned too. Damn!

If Lord Venan would get his shit together with that content, a lot of us are still in touch in another game and I think would try to revive this game.
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