Encyclopedia: Abilities

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Encyclopedia: Abilities

Postby __Amy_VI__ » Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:46 pm

I'm someone with only 1 war mage toon and I don't plan on spending tons of time levelling up other classes for this information, so I'll require some help from our fantastic community. What I want to do is record every ability, their scaling from level 1-3, their cooldowns and the speed. The last two are optional because they require some minor amount of maths skill and work, I can do those myself if anyone bothers to provide the time and their cooldown percentage (the green one). Please only use PVP relevant ones. No point in documenting PvE skills in the PVP forums.

War Mage: (W.I.P. will do original timers and cooldowns later)

Tier 1:
Incinerate- Does 125/150/175% weapon damage (fire).
Frozen shard- Does 75/100/125% weapon damage (ice). Applies Chilled (speed and dodge -20%, length unclear).
Inner Focus- Increases magic rating 10/15/20%.
Icy Grasp- Does 25% weapon damage (ice). Frozen (stun, length unclear). Cast time decreases with each level. (numbers later) 7/6/5s cooldown. (Cooldown isn't affected by haste). Can not be used in the first 1.0s of PVP combat.

Tier 2:

Fiery Lash- Does 75/85/95% weapon damage (fire). Applies Burn (100% fire damage over 5s. 100% weapon damage with fire modifiers? Unclear.) Stacks up to 3 times.
Staff Mastery- Increases weapon speed by 0.05/0.1/0.15s and crit resistance by 5/10/15% when 2h weapon.
Fire Blast- Does 40/50/60% weapon damage (fire). 2x damage if Burn was applied.
Ice Lance- Does 100/125/150% weapon damage (ice). Knocks back by 0.19/0.26/0.32s.

Tier 3:

Fire Mastery- Increases crit damage of Fire spells by 15/30/45% and periodic damage (Burn) by 10/20/30%.
Ice Mastery- Increases the damage of Ice spells by 8/14/20%.
Magma Jet- Does 60/80/100% weapon damage (Fire). Applies Smoldering Armour (-30% defence, length unclear)
Shattering Force- Does 60/70/80% weapon damage (Ice). 2x damage if Frozen.
Ice Spike Armour- Retaliates 10/20/30% of weapon damage as Ice damage. (Backswing, dodge, spell dodge bypasses.) Note: Void and Mojo trigger it. Mojo sometimes doesn't, but if you have LS and the enemy mojos at low hp he can die from ice shield retaliation. Arcane shield (see below, last ability Tier 4) is used up by ice spike.

Tier 4:

Snap Cast- Insta cast next spell. Can't be used in the first 2.0s of combat. 6/5.5/5s cooldown. (Unaffected by haste).
Note: Sometimes snapping after a grasp and incinerate, will let you wait and pick your next ability, other times you will have to pick, but your opponent won't know what you already picked, they will only know you snapped.
Time Void- Interrupts all enemy attacks. Cast time reduces drastically with each level (numbers later). 5s cooldown.
Elemental Fracture- Ice attacks apply Fire Fracture (-3/5/7% fire resistance). Fire attacks apply Ice Fracture (-3/5/7% ice resistance). Stacks up to 3 times.
Note: Please don't use fracture mage. A mojo is all it takes to make you waste any ability points you put into it and mojo is used by pretty much most high elo players.
Ignite- Adds a 20/35/50% chance to inflict extra Burning (extra 100% weapon damage over 5.0s). Stacks up to 3 times.
Note: Counts as the same stack as from Fiery Lash. Allows Firey Lash to inflict 2 Burnings with 1 hit.
Arcane Shield- After being hit 10/15/20% chance to get an Arcane Shield (-75% next attack).
Note: Is removed by ice spike. Can be reflexived or taunted. Doesn't work on already inflicted status effects with overtime damage.

That's it for PVP war mage abilities. I sincerely hope someone can help me out with other classes.
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Re: Encyclopedia: Abilities

Postby Fluxing_Lucky_Phåse » Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:19 am

SW class:

Delete and make a justi.

Happy to help.
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Re: Encyclopedia: Abilities

Postby __Amy_VI__ » Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:42 pm

Thanks, Phase, lmao.
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