Account data missing on Android client

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Account data missing on Android client

Postby LordNathor » Wed May 30, 2012 8:46 pm

Greetings adventurers,

We are aware of several reports of users loading the game to find that there character appears to have been deleted or is otherwise missing. We have identified the primary source of the issue and a workaround that affected users may follow to fix access to their existing characters.

First, I would like to provide some background on the login process. When not using a Venan ID, account information is retrieved from the server using a unique device identifier. This identifier is constructed in part using the MAC address of the device's Wi-Fi interface. The server then attempts to look up account information using the identifier received from the mobile app. If a match is found, that list of characters is returned to the app. If no match is found, a new account is created and the user is presented with the character creation dialog.

Unfortunately, there are specific conditions under which the MAC address may not be retrieved correctly on the client, leading to the issue described. One way this can occur is if the device is booted with Wi-Fi disabled. In this case, the application will generate the device identifier incorrectly and be unable to retrieve the proper account information.

If you experience this issue, please use the following steps to repair the problem.

  1. Exit the application completely.
  2. In the device home screen, go to Settings -> Wireless & networks.
  3. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled by checking the box.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Relaunch the application.

After regaining access to your character, we recommend creating a Venan account with us. This will allow you to access your characters on any device and will also prevent this problem from happening again in the future. You can create an account by tapping on the Register button in the Login screen.

Please contact our customer support via the in-game support e-mail link or at if you are still experiencing the problem after applying this workaround and we will take steps to help you recover the lost account data.

-- Nathor
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