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Free Insurance and Free Energy or the Venan ID

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:52 am
by Bj_Knows
Free Insurance and Free Energy or the Venan ID

My household loves Venan ID. If your mobile device gets broken, lost or stolen, you do not lose your character. You can play multiple characters of the same class for extra playing time. (CJ has several War Mages to switch between when one gets low on energy). You can play one of each class. I have a 10.7K Might Rating Shadow Walker, 10.5K Might Rating Justicar and a 8.7K Might Rating War Mage. Ever since the Venan ID came out, my wife will not let me play her 10.9k Might Rating Justicar (Typist: It's mine! My precioussssss…) If you have multiple devices with Book of Heroes, you can use the one with the most battery charge left. (Typist: wall outlet = your friend!) I use my iPod Touch at work and the Allergist's Office because of the WiFi. At home my wife uses her iPad (now that my War Mage is off the iPad and onto my Venan ID). But on the train she uses her iPhone (Typist: unless we're in a tunnel under a river. Tunnel = NOT your friend.)

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