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Re: Flux in Weeklies

Postby Bj_Knows » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:20 am

Bbbb wrote:All my new toons have much more essence than flux. I believe the imbalance is caused by all the weeklies that pay out essence. Can we sometimes get flux instead of essence for these quests to correct the balance?

Since I use lots and lots of Emerald Flux, regular amounts of Indigo Flux and very little Amber Flux, it would be really cool if Weekly Quests awarded Prismatic Flux (from Karnak's Ring) and there was a Quest that let you turn it into 6 Flux of any color.

Alternately, once you complete the Prismatic Flux quest, you can pick from 3 different quests, similar to the choice you make in Dragonmoor between two different Quest chains. Ex: After getting 1 Prismatic Flux from the Weekly Quest, you would then choose Amber, Emerald or Indigo Quest in the Quest chain. Each quest would require 1 Prismatic Flux and the reward would be the corresponding Flux. Once you accepted one, you would automatically complete it since you have the required Prismatic Flux while the other two Quest chains would disappear.

1 Prismatic Flux equals 3 of each flux- 3 Amber, 3 Emerald, 3 Indigo. If CJ's Justicar Galadriel wants 6 Emerald Flux, she can keep the 3 Emerald Flux unchanged, and use the recipe Transform- Emerald Flux to create 3 more Emerald Flux from the 3 Amber and 3 Indigo.

Lord Venan likes players to make choices with an impact, so changing the 1 Prismatic Flux into 6 Flux of another color requires the player to make a choice. But one of those choices could be to hold onto the Prismatic Flux for a later time.
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Re: Flux in Weeklies

Postby InsertNameHere » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:33 pm

Although extra fluxes would be great, the "instead of essence" part doesn't appeal...
"As well as essence" would be preferable.
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