Chem's Suggestion List For Kal

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Chem's Suggestion List For Kal

Postby Bbbb » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:56 am

After the discussion in PvP last night, this post was mentioned. It is the requested feature list Chem compiled two years ago based on player input. I wanted to underbury it so Kal can easily find it. I did remove the items that have been implemented.

Note: there were more suggestions made after this was compiled in the thread. If anyone wants to see the original thread: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8309

Highly requested features:

New weapon types - War Hammers, Wands, Tomes, Dual Daggers / Swords, Flails, Mace.
Add Enemy Mob and Boss Gauntlet Raid.
Add new dungeons with tier 7 gem shards.
Speed run challenges and leaderboards.
New events - Easter, Thanksgiving, April Fool's, unique ones like Werechef.
Increase Hero Token tomb levels.
New tombs for health, DOT elemental resistances and using potions, elixirs and runes.
Guild vs Guild speed runs or gauntlet challenges.
More epic crafting quests in the form of end game items - allow them to be recrafted for increased power.
Adjust rules to guild loyalty and merc assistance.
New weekend events - Double Materials, Double XP.
Pets / Henchmen / traveler / side buddy.
New Class! Archer.
More world public raids.
A Blacklist for mercs, so a guild can block unwelcome mercs.
Reduce the Raid size of the Soldier, Knight and Guardian Raids, so smaller guilds can handle them.
Better farming portals and dungeons.
New sigils.
Improvement to the mail system.
Dead Guild clean up.
Break down unwanted gems into shards to retry in the lockbox.
Venan-set minimum RPP limit for each raid to address skunking.
Add T14 physical resist gems.
Be able to craft more than 99 refined or pure essence per workbench.

Minor requested features:

Onslaught kill counter.
Anniversary event.
Craftable runes.
The opportunity to get unique rare items like backgrounds, vanity gear, or gems from new content.
Bonuses for Master league players with bounties to entice other players to take their rank. Temporary sigils.
Make crafting materials all purchasable by gold shields.
New guild challenges for new guild buffs.
Adding dyes or dye packs to wardrobe that could be rare drops by raid bosses or by a world boss.
Reduce raid sizes to account for drop in population.
World boss event that affects Glenfort like the daily quests.
A guild favor linked to each of the seasonal events.
Temporary guild favors that a GM can unlock for the day.
Adjust PvP gear penalty for PvE.
Gate to the Vile Realm from Glenfort.
Cooperative Dungeon parties (like regular dungeons but multiple players need to complete their sections to unlock the boss and finish the dungeon).
Set schedules to PvP seasons.
Only drop refine or pure essence in higher might-required raids.
Transmute old gems into higher tier gem shards.
Add to the chat system - parties / emojis.
Increase the number of buff/debuffs you can see on the enemy.
Reduce animations per class.
Raids with bandits and pirates!
Another way to use Impure shadows. Possibly give buffs to attacking monsters or new craftable items.
Raids with time limit for each phase. So you have to do P1 in 10 min to reach p2. I think it's like a Arcade Mode.
Getting further in the raid will increase the payout.
Remove Luck and Regen enchantments and make them passive abilities.
Continued story of the Hunter or his species.
Passive abilities that affect other players in raids.
Add guild favors that buff elements.
Backgrounds attached to builds.
Be able to purchase missing ingredients at the workshop.
Ability to craft multiple legendary rings and amulets.
Reduce the prices of Diamond Gravers.
Make the additional workbenches unlockable like our additional builds.
Guild / Raid ad channel.
More cooking recipes.
Guild tabards in the wardrobe.
Event timer for weekend events.
PvP Tournaments.

Class Abilities ideas:

Heal ability - 5/10/15% of max health and have an extremely long cooldown.
Damage over time spirit ability - kind of like poison cloud but spirit based.
Shield Bash: does damage based on the tier of shield as well as light vs. heavy as well as directly applying Stagger effect. Stagger as a passive effect from blocking is randomly applied.. although it's pretty effective!
Spiritual Backlash: active attack to deflect a portion of incoming attacks and send some damage back at the opponent.
Make Seismic Slash a Spirit attack to increase accuracy.
Bring back Brutality!
Rampage - a powerful attack that attacks a random enemy but has an increased chance of missing.
Wrath - change to a DoT Spirit effect that works in a similar way to bleed.
Cripple Limb - rather than a slow, the Justicar strikes his foe on the weapon arm causing outgoing damage to drop briefly.
Rework Juggernaut into being a buff rather than resist.
Spirit Shield - prevents crit and reduces damage for duration and applies wrath to attacker.

Shadow Walker:
Lifesteal ability - 2/3/4% of max health per successful attack.
Neurotoxin Darts: same as Neurotoxin Stan but for multiple enemies.
Bolo-slings: same as Garrote but for multiple enemies.
Dual strike-attack with both weapon and unblockable
Dissolve-quick poison based attack
Death Wish needs an overhaul. Scale the damage as 1.0 at 100% health and then at 25% health, make it 1.5 max. For example, if you were at 66.666% health, you would get 1.25 multiplier.
A melee AOE attack.
Dual Wield - allows SW to equip dual 1H weapons, increasing damage to parity with 2H
Sword Mastery: Increase weapon power by 5%/10%/15% and accuracy by 5%/10/15% while wielding a one-hand weapon (the % and the second stats could be adjusted in an effort of balancing the game).
Flash Bomb - an interrupt attack like Time Void that throws the enemy off guard, making them lose their action.
Off-Hand Parry - allows the SW to parry attacks like a shield, reducing damage.
Wall of thorns - blocks melee and ice for duration. Absorbs one other kind of attack. Applies poison to attacker.
Retaliate - passive ability that has a chance to activate when the SW is hit. SW strikes back with the offhand weapon. (kind of an SW version of ice spike armor).

War Mage:
Lifesteal ability - 2/4/8% of max health on successful crits from spells.
Dual strike ability - his attack would have 1 sec Base cast time and deliver 50/65/80% damage of ice and fire.
Knockback ability / Remove snap cast
Add ability similar to Staff Mastery for Warmage.
Summon Elemental - this PvE only long-cast effect summons a little elemental critter that buffs you/attacks your enemies.
Throw Staff - much like throwing a lightsabre, the mage throws his staff magically. It hits and comes back to his hand. Each level allows it to hit one enemy.
Elemental Weaponry - the mage charges his weapon with Fire or Ice magic, slightly increasing damage for one element at the expense of reduced damage for the other.
Wall of Ice - blocks melee for duration and absorbs one fire attack
Wall of Fire - blocks/vaporizes position for duration and absorbs one ice attack. Also applies burning to attacker.
Spell reflect - active ability to capture an incoming magic attack and send it back at the attacker.
Fast burn - WM casts fire into his/her bosom, applying haste buff.


We would love to make a 5th slot for white gems but there just isn't enough real estate on the screen to add it without overhauling the UI.
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Re: Chem's Suggestion List For Kal

Postby Kalindrov » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:59 pm

Thanks Bbbb, for bringing back up this list. I am looking at the requests. :D
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Re: Chem's Suggestion List For Kal

Postby Illy_the_Red » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:30 pm

Definitely worth looking at the context of all the requests, the compiled list obviously doesn’t include all that. There’s also a big gap of a couple of years since then; I think if the same suggestions list was requested and then compiled now it would have quite a few of the same things but also a lot of new ones. Eg. no few players have issues with white gems (as well as some of the other event gems) and them largely being useless because of the white slot limitations.
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Re: Chem's Suggestion List For Kal

Postby Derp_looks_like_a_Lady » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:43 am

Bbbb wrote:We would love to make a 5th slot for white gems but there just isn't enough real estate on the screen to add it without overhauling the UI.

But there is enough real estate to add 3 or maybe 5 new gear slots! Let's see... belt, sash (cross body, shoulder to hip or vertical down on side of the torso), neckerchief, arm bands (on upper arms) and standard, standing on a pole next to the toon.
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