Server Maintenance – May 29, 2012

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Server Maintenance – May 29, 2012

Postby Lady_Katy » Wed May 30, 2012 11:09 am

Server Maintenance – May 29, 2012

Guilds and Raids

1) The Kraken and Lord Helion raid bosses were dropping incorrect loot. They are now scaled down to match the other raid bosses.
2) Fixed an issue with the RPP calculation that prevented it from being capped at 150. There is a bug where the RPP value will still show +values over 150 to be fixed in a future patch.


1) Fixed an issue on legacy shields that caused them to have too much armor. These are now in line with the new shields and the rest of the legacy gear.


1) War Cry will now act as a physical resist debuff instead of a reduction in armor.

Misc. Bugs

1) Added a new icon for the Prestige Challenges
2) Increased the length of the chat messages from 128 characters to 256
3) Server side changes to more reliably handle device authentication when not using a Venan ID. This may improve reliability of character retrieval for some users who were experiencing issues.

Known Issues

1) The display for RPP earned will go over 150 although the value will cap at 150
2) Attempting to add an invalid friend (duplicate, nonexistent, self, etc.) using the friend code system will cause the client to receive a generic server error that pushes the client back to the main menu. Adding valid friend codes still functions normally.
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