Update 1.2 - February 16, 2012

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Update 1.2 - February 16, 2012

Postby admin » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:58 pm

A mysterious elven scholar named Alador appears in the village of Glenfort following the defeat of Lord Helion seeking the final destination of the dark mage's scattered power. Track down the final vestiges of Helion's power and travel to the volcanic land of Dragonmoor to find the only one capable of containing this nefarious force once and for all!

Chapter 3: Dragonmoor adds an entirely new zone to the world of Book of Heroes, along with an extensive quest chain suitable for players between levels 15-17. In addition to conquering the fiery lands of Dragonmoor, you can explore Glenfort's hidden grottos in search of an ancient artifact lost to time, take on new Daily Quests, complete new Feats of Heroism, and indulge in our most-requested feature: multiple character support!

Even more changes have been made to Book of Heroes in this update, so read on for the in-depth patch notes!

    New Venan ID system allows users to create multiple character slots in Book of Heroes and access their heroes across multiple devices.
    New Dragonmoor Zone added for players between levels 15-17. Visit Alador after defeating Lord Helion to begin the journey to this new and exciting locale!
    New Legendary item enchantments that can be earned through special quests and in the brand new Mystery Lockboxes in Majerio's Shop.
    New Feats of Heroism added. Check out your list of Feats to see all the new heroic deeds you can accomplish for Hero Score and Gold Shields!
    Added new "Crit Power" statistic that increases the power of critical hits.

    Player equipment now sorts by item level from low to high.
    Added an arrow that indicates you must tap the Mucky Duck Inn after completing the tutorial objectives.
    Added new animating "New Items" banner to Majerio's shop icon in the Glenfort Village map whenever new items have been added to the shop.
    Added a new "Needs Upgrade" notification on item slots that have not been upgraded in a while.
    Fixed a bug where notifications in dialog boxes would appear when the Pause Menu was up.
    Fixed a bug where tapping a piece of loot after a battle would pick up an object behind it first.
    Adjusted loot pick-up control from touch-release to on-touch.
    Help button has been moved onto the main Options screen.
    Removed periods from all quest objectives.

Majerio's Shop
    Added brand new Mystery Lockboxes. Buy these mysterious locked chests and try your luck to win Silver, Gold Shields, or powerful equipment.
    Shop item categories have been rearranged and updated with the new "Special" category replacing "Other".
    Items in the shop will now only be within one level of the player's current level.
    Removed elemental resistances for Fire, Ice, Nature, and Spirit from all randomly generated equipment in the store.
    New Crit Power item enchantments have been added that can increase an item's critical hit power, making them deal more damage when a critical hit is achieved.
    Item levels have been added to item descriptions in the store.

    Added Rune items to the Temple. Use these powerful objects to turn the tide of battle in an instant!
    Changed the Potions store to include both Runes and Potions.
    Added resistance-themed Blessings to the Temple and removed the Blessing of Immunity.
Hero Store
    Added Harbinger, Blade of the Titan and Demonplane Helmet to the Hero Store for the Justicar class.
    Added the Valdenian Edge, Dunian Blade, and Infiltrator's Cowl to the Hero Store for the Shadow Walker class.
    Added the Shard of the Bishop, Orchid's Staff, and Scholar's Hood to the Hero Store for the War Mage class.

All Classes
    Fixed a bug where Haste abilities were inadvertently affecting ability cooldowns.
    Fixed a bug that resulted in self-buffs being immediately re-castable due to incorrect cooldown timers.
    Updated descriptions on stun abilities to clarify that they are broken when enemies take damage.

    War Cry ability will now hit 100% of the time.
    Fixed a bug where the War Cry buff was using the incorrect icon.
    Improved icon artwork for Divine Power buff.
    Seismic Slash will now push back enemy action timers.
    Decreased cooldown timer reduction amount when using Heroic Will.
    Decreased Cleave rank 2 and 3 damage. Increased Cleave combat time.
    Stunning Blow does slightly less damage.
    Wound ability does slightly more damage.
    Radiant Light ability does slightly more damage.
    Circle of Blades does slightly more damage. Increased damage-over-time efficiency.
    Stunning Blow cooldowns have been reduced for all ranks.
    Seismic Slash cooldowns have been increased slightly for ranks 2 and 3.
    Heroic Will cooldowns have been reduced for all ranks.
Shadow Walker
    Reflexive Strike and Smoke Bomb abilities will now push back enemy action timers.
    Caltrops slow effect has been decreased.
    Garrote ability now has a chance to interrupt an enemy attack. Damage and combat time have been decreased.
    Increased Poison Cloud rank 2 and 3 damage values. Increased damage-over-time efficiency.
    Acid Spray ability decreases enemy Nature resistance. Damage and combat time decreased.
    Smoke Bomb ability reduces player ability cooldown timers and knocks back enemy ability timers.
    Vanish ability increases critical hit damage as well as critical hit chance.
    Reflexive Strike knocks back an enemy's ability timer. Damage has been decreased and combat time has been increased.
    Ensnare cooldowns have been reduced for all ranks.
    Reflexive Strike cooldowns have been increased for all ranks.
    Acid Spray cooldown has been increased.
    Smoke Bomb cooldowns have been decreased for all ranks.

War Mage
    Time Void no longer stuns, but can still be used to interrupt enemy actions.
    Time Void cooldowns have been decreased.
    Decreased the effectiveness of the Slow action for Frozen Shard and Ice Storm abilities.
    Decreased Flaming Pyre damage.
    Ice Storm combat time decreased and damage adjusted.
    Icy Grasp cooldowns have been reduced for all ranks.
    Time Void cooldown is now equal across all ranks.

    Fixed a bug where enemy damage was not scaling properly based on their level.
    Dungeon bosses and the encounters leading up to them are now fixed to a specific level range as opposed to adjusting to player level.
    Dungeon boss HP and damage values have been rebalanced to match their fixed levels.
    Boss enemies will now reward greater amounts of Hero Points when defeated.
    Dungeon bosses will now drop loot rewards that are matched to their level.
    Fixed a bug where enemies were not capable of dealing critical hits.
    Fixed a bug that prevented certain enemies from being able to block.
    Fixed a bug that resulted in slow monster attacks yielding negligible overall damage.
    Monster health and damage stats reduced for creatures above level 15.
    When an enemy attack is interrupted, their action bar will now reset appropriately.
    New enemy types have been added into the new Dragonmoor zone.
    Dredged Corpses, Bog Wraiths, Assassins, Grave Robbers, and Hellspawn Spiders now have unique art assets.
    Decreased the damage reduction percentage of the Rotting Golem.
    Increased enemy healing cooldown time to 100 ticks. Previously average was 40 ticks.
    The efficiency of the poison/slow abilities attributed to the Swamp Spider, Demonweb Spider, and Hellspawn Spider has been decreased.
    Weaken and Slow abilities will now only stack once on the player.
    The stat modifier for the Sunder Armor ability has been decreased.
    Damage-over-time weapon damage percentage has been decreased from 20% to 15%.
    Plaguerider Skar's overall attack speed has been decreased.
    Removed the Slow action from Frost Assassin's Numbing Blade ability.
    The Hunter's Slow ability rank has been reduced.
    The Hunter's Aimed Shot ability now has decreased damage and an increased cooldown timer.
    Frost Bat speed rating has been reduced.
    Added the Amulet of Veracity item drop when you complete the encounters for the "Bandit Camp Brawl" quest.

    Added new "Shards of Ironhaven" quest chain for players between levels 6-14. Challenge dungeon bosses to discover treasure maps that will lead you to the lost shards of Ironhaven!
    Added new random Daily Quests for players levels 15-20.
    Removed the "Ambush" quest for Rowan and replaced it with new quest chain that requires players to challenge Lockbolt in Lockbolt's Grove.
    Daily Quest difficulty has been decreased across the board.
    Updated Daily Quest #117 to no longer refer to the ambiguous "valley" and points the player toward specific zones.
    Removed the "Blending In" quest and replaced it with "Bandit Camp Brawl" quest for players in the level 13 range.
    Fixed a bug in the "Anger Management" quest that allowed players to get the quest before they could access the zone they need to visit to complete it. Players must now complete "The Glade" quest before it can be accepted.
    Fixed a bug in the "Enchanted Blades" quest that resulted in Skeleton Warriors dropping quest items outside the specified zone.
    Updated "The Key" quest objectives to include the names of the zones you must visit.
    Fixed a bug where Undead Rath'een enemies would not appropriately drop the Black Diamonds needed for "The Key" quest.
    Reduced the length of the acceptance text in "The Gear Makes the Hero" quest.
    Increased the number of Skeletal Assassins in the Darkened Shore and Hunter's Way zones to help players stuck on Daily Bounty #254
    Fixed a bug in the "Season of the Hunt" and "The Key" quests that allowed players to get the quests before they could access the zone they need to visit to complete them. Players must complete the "Minesweeper" quest for Lord Vander to receive either quest.

    Changed in-game currency exchange rate. 1 Gold Shield is now valued at 50 Silver.
    Players will now be able to pick up Runes as possible enemy loot drops.
    Setting device to Hebrew will now display US dates.
    Added a custom sound effect for in-app notifications.
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Re: Chapter 3: Dragonmoor

Postby TCG_Garrison64 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:09 pm

Hopefully we can get back Hero Tokens as well. I just spent mine on two characters shortly before finding out about this update.
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